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Fine Arts Feature: Abi Parker

Fine Arts Feature: Abi Parker

Abi Parker, K-5 Music Specialist at Ben Franklin Elementary, brings her passion for music and teaching to the heart of education. With an educational background that includes a BFA from OU, a BM from MSU, and an MME from TSU, Abi is a true connoisseur of fine arts.

For the past 16 years, Abi has dedicated her career to shaping young minds, all of which have been spent at Franklin Elementary. Her commitment to education runs deep as she proudly represents the third generation of WFISD teachers in her family.

Beyond her love for teaching, Abi's adventurous spirit takes her to captivating vacation spots, including Las Vegas, NYC, and Disneyworld. When it comes to cuisine, she has a soft spot for Italian food, savoring the rich flavors of this Mediterranean delight.

Abi's favorite quote, "When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine," reflects her positivity and dedication to brightening the lives of her students.

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